Since the foundation of the company in 1994, Protech has never stopped developing and specializing itself in diverging areas. The target: being able, as a subcontractor, to offer their clients a complete package.

For this purpose we continuously follow the recent technological evolutions and developments, all of this in close collaboration with our material suppliers and training centrums. This diversification makes it possible for Protech to offer a wide range of products.

The elaborated experience, the up-to-date knowhow and the different production facilities make it possible for us to think together with the customer and, time and time again, to deliver te best possible solution in terms of:

- product requests (design, production process, assembly,...)

- choice of materials (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous, plastic, aluminium, zamak)

- batch size (machining, casting)

- requested finishing level and eventual surface treatment (polishinig, printing chemical deposition)

kasten In order to realize all of this, we have a high-end and up-to-date machine park. at our disposal. Besides that, our highly qualified employees guarantee first-class quality and service from design, over production, to delivery of a wide variation of high-tech products.

Our customers are active in different sectors of industry:

machine building, automotive, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural machines, nutrition, lighting, harbour installations and ship-building, military components, construction, and many others...

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